Cheat Sheet for Wordventure: "House of Demons"

Here is the cheat sheet for my 1983 Wordventure: "House of Demons" The actual game can be downloaded from The VIC-20 Geek Site. You can play it on a PC or Mac with a VIC-20 emulator, of which there are many available through the same site.


This document contains major spoliers. This isn't a Hint Sheet. It is a Cheat Sheet. It tells you how to solve this adventure in its entirity. It is a lot more satisfying to try and solve the adventure yourself, and only refer to this when you get stuck. The cheats here are in chronological order, so as long as you don't look at the next hint you should be ok.



The Object of this adventure is to destroy a tribe of winged demons who have been raiding the mainland from an offshore island. First you must spend the night in safety, and the next morning build a boat, sail to the demons isle, and make your way down into their cave system, and blow up the island with some dynamite you find.


To get into the townhouse on the edge of the field

Climb the tree, go to the roof, move the shingles on the roof, go hole, get the bottle and upon examining the bed find a sheet. "climb trunk" to get down.

To get into the Rectory

Go to the Rectory, knock on the door, go door, talk priest.

To protect your self at night

Fill the urn with seawater, it will evaporate leaving salt. This salt should be scattered on the store room floor. Moving the crate in the store room find a cellar door. Examine the crate find some nails. Paint cross to paint a blood cross in the storeroom and go into the cellar. Nail the door shut. Wait until morning, by typing "wait" again and again. (Sorry, I should have let you do this with a single "wait"). You'll hear the demons outside the house during the night. At sunrise they will leave. Chop the door with the axe and get the nails.

To build the boat

Examine the shed and find the doorknob, go to the sea and fill up the bottle with water, empty the water on the shed empty bottle), go into the shed, get the urn and take it outside, examine the urn and find an axe and hammer, chop down the shed to get wood, get the nails from the store, go down to the beach with the sheet, nails and wood, then using the hammer "build boat".

Sailing to the island

Wait until the tide is in. go to the boat, raise the sail, "Wait" for about 15 moves, When the boat bumps against the beach go water, and wade ashore. Be sure to lower the boats sail first, or the boat will sail away without you! Fill the bottle with seawater before continuing.

Getting up the cliff

Find the tidal pool, search it and get the dead fish At the foot of the grey cliff go to the boulders, then north up the path. Going east and north you will climb the path to arrive at an old house. look at the house.

The House

On the to of the island is a plateau covered with long grass, blowing in the wind. Near the centre of the plateau is an old house, apparently abandoned. go to the house, open the door and go in. Go north and look around. Go up the stairs to the attic, try get the painting and find a loose brick, get the brick and be swept up a secret passage. move the bed and get the scrub brush, examine the bed and chop up the pillow. A Key will fall.out, get it. In the Lounge room examine the sofa and find matches, move the sofa and find a trap door. go to the door, and fall into darkness.

To get out of the cellar

scrub tiles with the scrub brush, go into the hole.

Getting out of the dome room

Unlock the doors with any keys you may have, note the steel key if you have found it is a dud.

Getting past the Giant Squid

drop the rotting dead fish, and watch the squid die, as it eats it.

Getting out of the crushing chambers

Investigate the floor, it is stone cold. Heat the bottle, which you had previously filled with water. While the water is still hot empty it on the stone cold floor. The floor wil lcrack open. Go through the floor. If you take too long to do this the walls will crush you.

Getting out of the spherical blood chamber

Examine the blood and find a hole, go through the hole.

Surviving the lake

Swim up quickly or you will drown! On the bottom of the lake is sludge and rubbish. Swim down and get the rubbish. Examine it and find suction cups and dynamite. Swim up as soon as you have the rubbish! As you leave the lake venture east at the tunnel with blood trickling underfoot to the east. Find a gold key, and listen. Go back west! Something nasty waits in the neighbouring cavern. Go north and stumble into the dome room. You now may enter the third door.

Destroying the Demons

Burn the web which is blocking your path. Continue east, and wear the suction cups! Climb out onto the roof by "go roof". Listen and look at the cave floor. Light the dynamite with the matches, and drop it. Quickly continue east and go out the cave opening.

Escaping the island

Quickly go down the path, and find yourself on the beach. Go west and south, climb into your boat, raise the sail. As you will drift away the dynamite you dropped will explode, causing the island to collapse on the Demons' cavern. Take too long escaping and you will go up with the island.
© Brendan Jones, 1983, 2001. All Rights Reserved. "House of Demons" is a trademark of Brendan Jones.